Plumber Johannesburg

Frequently Asked Questions at Plumber Johannesburg

How long does it take to install a standard kitchen hot and cold water pipe system?

We always strive to do all our installation services within the same day. If your place does not require any work before the installation we could finish the installation within 4-5 hours.

What areas do you offer your plumbing services to?

We offer our plumbing services to areas in and around Johannesburg. If you are in the far outskirts of Johannesburg, please contact us to  find out the costs involved in getting our plumbing services in your area!

I have already purchased the materials I need for the job, can I pay you for labour only?

Yes, if you have already bought all the required materials to complete the job we will be happy to provide you with fitting services as required

What’s the guarantee on your plumber services?

We offer a one year workmanship guarantee on all the work we do. The one year guarantee covers you in case of any damages that may occur due to our lack of quality workmanship.

Are you certified to install gas appliances?

Yes, we are certified to install a number of gas appliances and we will be happy to present you with our gas certificates from various manufactures and federations we are registered with.

 How soon can I get  a plumber to my house?

You can get a plumber to your house based on availability. It usually takes about 30 minutes to get a plumber sent to you if there is no other bookings. Otherwise, we will set an appointment that will ensure that we book a plumber on the day most convenient for you.